Getting Divorced? 5 Reasons Why you Need a Lawyer

If you’re considering ending your marriage, you may think it’s best to represent yourself rather than hire a lawyer. The do-it-yourself option may work in some cases. For instance, if the divorce is uncontested, your marriage is short, with no children or assets, and neither party needs spousal support.

Otherwise, the divorce proceeding may be too complicated to handle alone. Hence, many divorcing couples are grateful to have divorce lawyers in Delaware County PA, guide them through the process. Here are five reasons why you need a divorce attorney to represent your interest.

They’re Familiar With Family Law

Divorce attorneys understand the law guiding divorce-related issues and know what to say to make their arguments reasonable. They also know what you’re entitled to receive by law, whether it concerns support or asset division. However, if you’re not a divorce lawyer, you’ll not have the right knowledge to fight for your best interest.

Also, individuals who represent themselves in court don’t get any special treatment. A judge will hold them to the same standard as a professional legal representative. Therefore, it’s best to have an expert when faced with the other side’s attorney.

To Avoid Mistakes

The stress from the divorce and complications from the legal system can cause a self-represented litigant to do something wrong. Some mistakes that can jeopardize a case include overestimating or underestimating an asset’s value or forgetting a credit card debt. Hiring a lawyer is the best option if you want no issues with your case.

You Need Objective Advice

Divorce proceedings are quite emotional, and your feelings might get hurt in the process. At such times your judgment may be skewed, and you need a voice of reason to keep your emotions in check. A lawyer can tell you when you’re unreasonable with your demands and advise you on the best resolution for everyone involved.

Help with Paperwork

Divorce cases require both parties to complete and file piles of paperwork. If you fill your paperwork incorrectly, it can lead to a delay in your hearing. In worst-case scenarios, the court may throw out your case. Also, omitting information in your form may cause the other side to accuse you of hiding information

However, divorce lawyers in Delaware County, PA know which forms to fill, how to fill them correctly, and where to file them. Furthermore, a judge may view your argument favorably if your paperwork has the right tone of words.

Suggestions to Other Options

You may think that fighting for your demands in court is the only way to get what you need. However, a divorce lawyer can analyze your case, and based on his experience, suggest several legally-acceptable options to settle your case. If the other side’s demand or offer is unreasonable, he can help negotiate a better outcome or decide if it’s best to go to court.


Divorce is a stressful situation that requires your time and effort. However, hiring a divorce lawyer can help reduce stress while you focus on your family. Schedule a consultation with professional divorce lawyers in Delaware County, PA today.